May 12 — May the Jews rest in peace?

The destruction of the Jewish heritage of Ukraine is ongoing. On May 8th, Russian missiles struck the old Jewish cemetery in the ancient city of Hlukhiv, once the capital of the Cossack Hetmanate. Hlukhiv is located in the Sumy region.

The cemetery is more than three hundred years old. It is one of a few surviving historic Jewish cemeteries in the eastern part of the country. Many of them were destroyed during the Nazi occupation and the Soviet administration that followed.

During the Second World War, German forces destroyed the central section of the Hlukhiv cemetery. And now, in the current war, Russians have decided to complete the work the Nazis began. Vladimir Putin and his supporting cast of ideologues are hypersensitive to comparisons between Russia and the Third Reich, which are punishable by law in the Russian Federation. However, the actions of the Russian forces speak for themselves. The self-proclaimed “de-Nazifiers” are behaving like the natural heirs of the ideology that they claim to want to liberate Ukraine from.

It’s time for the Russians to understand that they will be judged not by their words, but by their deeds.