March 2 — By attacking Ukraine, Russia wounds itself

According to unconfirmed reports, Russian troops occupying the town of Trostianets in the Sumy region, which is about 385 kilometers from Kyiv, destroyed the Round Yard, a fortified theater constructed in 1749 as part of the estate of Prince Vasilii Petrovich Golitsyn. These same reports also suggest that an important art gallery in the palace of Prince Golitsin, constructed in the Eighteenth Century, has also been destroyed.

While details of the extent of the destruction have not yet been verified, the town is under Russian occupation. During the night, townspeople were forced to leave their houses and sit on the streets in order to create a human shield against a possible Ukrainian counterattack.

The bitter irony of the situation is that Russians, who, according to Vladimir Putin, invaded Ukraine to liberate it from so-called “Nazis,” are destroying monuments of Russian culture, which the actual Nazis spared from destruction during WWII.